About Our School

Meet Our Administrators and Teachers

Meet Our Administrators

Angelica Vest
Anjelica Vest | Community Engagement Specialist

Hello LSOA Families! My name is Anjelica Vest, and I am the Parent & Family Coordinator for our Primary, Elementary, and Middle schools. I serve our schools in various ways such as greeting our new families first and connecting families to the resources our school has for their specific needs. I am passionate about positive and effective communication and strive to build valuable communications between families and our school. It is a pleasure to assist families in their online journey.

Sarah Brever
Sarah Brever | 3rd – 5th Grade Assistant Principal

My name is Sarah Brever, and I am the 3rd through 5th Grade Assistant Principal at Lone Star Online Academy Elementary School. It is my second year as an Assistant Principal at LSOA and my sixth year in Education. I have previously taught first and second-grade students in general Education. I hold a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado and an M. Ed in Curriculum Design, Instruction, and Assessments from Walden University. I believe all learners should have a choice in how they receive their Education. It is a pleasure to serve our students at Lone Star Online Academy.

I live in a city south of Houston with my husband and our dog. Outside school, I enjoy spending time with family, crafting, and reading different books.

Gurtej Grewal
Gurtej Grewal | 2nd Grade Assistant Principal

Hello LSOA Stars! My name is Gurtej Grewal, and I am the 2nd Grade Assistant Principal at Lone Star Online Academy Primary School. This is my third year as an assistant principal at LSOA and my sixth year at K12 Stride. I have previously taught fourth, fifth, and seventh grade students in general education and the Flex program. I hold a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies from University of Houston and a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Sam Houston State University. I am grateful to be part of such an innovative school that offers school choice for families to choose the path that best suits their student’s educational journey.  

I currently live right outside of Houston, in Cypress, Texas with my husband, three daughters, and son. During my free time, I enjoy crafting, party-planning, spending time with my family, and watching documentaries.  

Meet Our Teachers

Hailey Cavanaugh
Hailey Cavanaugh | 2nd Grade

Hello! My name is Hailey Cavanaugh, and I teach 2nd grade at LSOA. I have been happily married since 2018 and became a mommy in 2021 to my sweet baby boy. I love creating a positive and engaging learning environment where students feel safe and welcomed to try their very best, even when they aren’t sure of their idea or answer. Matilda is one of my favorite movies, and I’ve always wanted to be just like Miss Honey! I am silly, over the top sometimes, and strive to leave a memorable impact while I teach. Lastly, coming to a virtual school, after teaching in brick and mortar for three years, has shown me that you don’t need to be in person to make amazing connections with students. My environment, personality, and teaching style, combined with my love and compassion for my students is what creates and fosters the best environment for my students here at LSOA!

Mindy Moore
Mindy Moore | Kindergarten

Hello, my name is Mindy Moore. I have the privilege of teaching Kindergarten at Lone Star Online Academy. When I tell people that I teach Kindergarten – virtually, they can hardly believe what it would be like. Here are a few words to describe it: amazing, unique, challenging, fun, and a perfect fit for me!

Although it might be challenging at times, I wake up looking forward to seeing my students online, having fun as we learn, and building that sense of community in a safe and nurturing environment. My students love it when I say the vowel chant with my pom poms, jump when we say the short vowel sounds, and count backwards when we pretend we are rocket ships in outer space. I know it has been a successful day of teaching when my students hold up their work and radiate with pride and joy as they show off their learning. I love teaching at LSOA Primary!

Jessica Watson
Jessica Watson | Kindergarten

My name is Jessica Watson and I have taught Kindergarten at LSOA for two years, but have been a teacher for 10 years altogether. Although my classroom is structured and maintains a healthy amount of routines, it is also unique because my students are at the center of every lesson! I like to consider myself as the co-pilot in their flight of learning. I love teaching at LSOA Primary because every day I actually get to help students reach their highest potential without any extra distractions. My philosophy and teaching style is to keep the learning energizing, engaging and inviting so that by the time our lesson is over, it’s hard to say goodbye…until next time!