About Our School

Meet Our Administrators

Meet Our Administrators

Chelsea Puchstein
Elsie Wetzel | Primary School Principal (K-2)

Hello! I am pleased to have the unique role of serving as Principal at the only K-2 school within the Stride K12 Texas schools. My core values are teamwork and being student-centered, which guide my approach to fostering a nurturing and effective learning environment. I believe in the power of a collaborative relationship between Learning Coaches and our school, emphasizing early literacy as a cornerstone of our educational program. Together, we can create a supportive and enriching experience for our young learners, setting them on the path to lifelong success.

Kate Henderson | Elementary School Principal (3-5)

Hello! I am honored to lead LSOA Elementary as the Principal have been with LSOA since helping launch our school in 2021! I am dedicated to our values of student-centered learning, teamwork, accountability, respect, and stewardship. I have a passion for fostering a supportive environment and am proud of the collaboration, academic rigor, and inclusive community my campus has developed ensuring every child thrives academically and socially.

Chelsea Puchstein | Middle School Principal (6-8)

Hello! I am the proud Principal of LSOA Middle School. Since helping to launch LSOA in 2021, I have been thrilled to witness our remarkable growth and development. Among our five core values, safety and stewardship resonate most deeply with me when it comes to our students. I am committed to fostering a culture on our campus where every student feels safe and accepted, allowing them to unlock their full potential. Moreover, I believe that each student possesses unique strengths that empower them to lead and inspire others through stewardship.

Jessica Hamelin | Principal of Special Programs

Hello! I am Dr. Hamelin, the Principal of Special Programs, grades K-8, at LSOA! It has been wonderful to see the growth our special populations of students experience while attending Lone Star. Among our five core values, respect and accountability resonate with me the most. I am committed to fostering a respectful, inclusive community of learners that hold themselves accountable and have high expectations. I believe all students can succeed! 

Our Special Programs include: Special Education (SPED), 504, Gifted and Talented (GT), Dyslexia, Emergent Bilingual (EB).

What our parents say about LSOA

Parent | Primary & Elementary School

“I’m so happy we found K12 and my 5th and 1st grader love LSOA”

Parent | Recommends friends & family

“Best school my kid ever attended!!! Love it. I would definitely suggest this school to my family, friends and even strangers that would love a different option than brick and mortar school. Thank you LSOA for the great years my child and I spent with you.”

Parent | Thankful

“I wanted to thank all the staff and teachers for teaching my kids and opening up to my kids and helping them learn. And I want to thank K12 for letting us be part of LSOA”